I met my wife in Uganda  - GNL Zamba 

Posted: 2020-03-24T06:27:08Z Read: 2,795 times
I met my wife in Uganda  - GNL Zamba 

Rapper GNL Zamba left the country for USA while his career was at the peak.

Years down the road, the former Baboon Forest boss walked down the aisle with Tamar Miriam before forming a singing duo, Nsimbi.

Many thought that the rapper had landed a rich mzungu who would finance his career.

The ‘Koi Koi’ hit maker came out to refute the rumours saying that he has worked for everything he posses.

According to GNL, he met Tamar while still in Uganda. It is Tamar that flew him to the United States Of America where he is living to date. 

“We met when I was in Uganda. I was actually at the peak of my career. If you check some of my music videos like soda with Radio and Weasel, you will see Tamar," GNL disclosed in an interview.