I nolonger talk about Bobi Wine - Bebe Cool

Posted: 2020-03-04T07:27:49Z
I nolonger talk about Bobi Wine - Bebe Cool

Musicians Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool were at one time best friends before they turned into sworn enemies.

The two first clashed through music but it intensified when politics took centre stage.

When Bobi Wine joined politics, he learnt to ignore Bebe Cool who wouldn't say two words without mentioning his name.  Bebe Cool insists that Bobi Wine is incapable of leading Uganda.

 “I no longer talk about Bobi Wine or discuss anything related to him. I realized that am wasting alot of my time and he does not reply me, and if you talk about someone who has not time for u, you end up looking like a fool. That's why these days I ignore questions about him. People had started thinking that he is stressing me which is not true. Actually, I realized that am losing alot of my good fans because of these political things. Let me remain in my music and he remains in his politics. Am not a politician," Bebe Cool said during an interview on one of the local Radio stations