Bobi Wine is more intelligent than Bebe Cool -  Chameleone

Posted: 2020-02-06T08:36:58Z Read: 9,279 times
Bobi Wine is more intelligent than Bebe Cool -  Chameleone

Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool are without doubt the biggest musicians in Uganda. The trio has lived the test of time amidst ever emerging conflicts among themselves.

A few years ago, they decided to mix music and politics. This made their beef even stronger - thanks to their different political ideologies.

Bobi Wine is the leader of the pressure group known as People Power, Bebe Cool is a staunch supporter of  President Museveni while Jose Chameleone is affiliated to the collapsing DP party.

However most recently, the beef between Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine has slowly but surely faded. They currently connect more than each of them does with Bebe Cool.

When asked why it is so during an interview, Jose Chameleone confessed that Bebe Cool is a wiseacre but at the same time, his understanding capacity is low compared to that of Bobi Wine.

Despite his comments, Jose Chameleone is regarded as an opportunist by many. He is accused of getting closer to Bobi Wine for his own selfish reasons.

A few months ago,Chameleone was accused by DP senior member Betty Namabooze for being a hypocrite. The 'Tubonga Nawe' singer was asked to prove that he would not be a 'chameleone'.