Bebe Cool Claims Chameleone Is Not a Real Man

Posted: 2020-01-06T07:17:26Z Read: 2,472 times
Bebe Cool Claims Chameleone Is Not a Real Man

Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone support different political parties.

The two singers have been stinging each other without ceasing over their differences in political idelogies.

Bebe Cool branded Chameleone as typical reptile that can change colours to match its surroundings or personality depending on who they are with.

On Thursday during an interview with NBS after 5 hosted by Douglas Lwanga, Bebe Cool said Chameleone is not a man enough. He can't stand for what he believes in. He is always jumping from one political party to another.

“He is a reptile, a real chameleone. He is not man enough. He wants to belong to all political parties and please everyone. That's not possible, he needs to make his stand known,” Bebe Cool said during an interview.

Bebe Cool’s comments came after  Chameleone made an appearance a few days ago at “Enkuuka” show donned in a T-shirt with Bobi Wine's face.