NRM uses people and dumps them -  Chameleone

Posted: 2019-10-31T07:58:09Z Read: 4,577 times
NRM uses people and dumps them -  Chameleone

Musician Jose Chameleone is one of the musicians that actively took part in 2016 Tubonga Nawe  campaigns trail around the country.

The singer later deserted NRM and joined DP.

While speaking on why he quit working for President Museveni and NRM, the singer said he was not ready to be dumped after being used just like the likes of Kitaata.

 “NRM uses and dumps people. I was not ready for that so I left. I ate what I ate and that was enough,” The ‘valu valu” hitmaker said.

Over the years, NRM has been accused by masses of using individuals for it’s on selfish reasons.