Tough Times: Sheilah Gashumba Earns 400K Per Month

Posted: 2019-09-13T07:28:50Z Read: 10,828 times
Tough Times: Sheilah Gashumba  Earns 400K Per Month

Following Sheilah Gashumba on her social media accounts is like watching a reality TV series on E-television.

She lives larger than life and many girls of her age envy her.

Probably, you're forced to think she has the biggest bank balance in Uganda which may be far from the truth.

Her expensive and luxurious lifestyle is sponsored by her boyfriend, God’s Plan, an ex convict.

According to an insider at the Serena based station, Sheilah Gashumba only earns 400K which is subdivided into 100K every time she appears on NTV Style project show.

 “When she was fired from NTV the Beat for failing to show up for work on numerous occasions, she was erased from the payroll.  She only earns an allowances of Ugx 100K everytime she makes an appearance on the Style Project and this sums up to Ugx. 400K a month." This might explain why the pencil sized TV presenter is glued to her boyfriend.

"She is scared of running broke. All her life, she has never lacked and God’s Plan is the only person that gives her money. She can't run to her dad, Frank Gashumba for financial support, they are at bad terms. Her shop is struggling to make sales while her endorsement partners are pulling out  because of her bad image," an insider explained.