My Father Is Happy With My Lifestyle - Sheilah Gashumba

Posted: 2019-08-05T06:15:06Z Read: 2,451 times
My Father Is Happy With My Lifestyle - Sheilah Gashumba

From day one, Frank Gashumba invested a lot of money and time in her daughter's career. Like any other loving father,  Gashumba wanted the best for his little girl, Sheilah Gashumba.

When she started tasting whoppers, she lost focus and took  the direction that her father always criticised. It was like she was possessed by horny spirits. She went on rampage.

Currently, the former NTV The Beat host can't stop bragging and showing off how she spends a lot of money in bars. She is literally like a beer bottle. She is a regular in all city top hangouts.

At one time, it was reported that Gashumba was depressed over her daughter's deeds. He couldn't believe that all his efforts were for nothing.

 However, Gashumba, 23,  confidently says her father is okay with her lifestyle.

 "My dad is the one who groomed me to be in the media so he has to be comfortable with it. He put me in the spotlight and so has to support me regardless of what I do. That is what dads do. I will forever  be a daddy’s girl," she said during an interview over the weekend.

Last year, Sheilah was thumped by her dad after she returned home intoxicated. She reported the case to Kabalagala police station. After that incident, she moved out of her dad's home Mbuga. She currently stays with her boyfriend, God's Plan.