Fame Bar’s DJ Bancs Joins Real Deejays

Posted: 2019-07-30T07:42:43Z Read: 770 times
Fame Bar’s DJ Bancs Joins Real Deejays

The Real Deejays family is growing bigger and bigger. A new name has been added to the long list of djs who are part of the outfit. The new DJ is a one DJ Bancs who is known mostly for his work at Fame Lounge.

Bancs also plays on KFM.

Real Deejays announced they had been joined by a new talent through their social media on Monday this week.

The outfit is led by DJ Moustey who is known largely for weddings and kwanjula events. Real Deejays is fast becoming popular and a formidable team only few months since it started.

Other DJ’s on the team are, Denno who plays on Galaxy FM, Crush, Beats, Cross, Luidee , DJ Armold , FX Selector, DJ Arc and Allan.