I Don’t Date Because Women Are Thieves - Balaam

Posted: 2019-07-09T09:22:57Z
I Don’t Date Because Women Are Thieves - Balaam

Events and music Promoter Balaam Barugahara, is a man who never minces his words. His confidence comes from his financial muscle.

In an new video circulating on the web, Balaam was asked by a reporter why he has no woman and he said, he is married to his money.

“People ask me why I work yet I don’t have kids. Those don’t know that I have a pile of responsibilities, over 30 kids to take care of. I adopted them,” he explained.

Balaam also added that women can be used by other men to steal his money.

 “Some men want to trap me with some female species, they want to bring women into my life, then bring me down. Steal my hard earned cash. I won't let them siphon my wealth,” he added.