Ykee Benda Forgives A Pass ... End Their Beef 

Posted: 2019-06-22T08:12:55Z Read: 2,741 times
Ykee Benda Forgives A Pass ... End Their Beef 

Singers A Pass and Ykee Benda have been involved in a social media verbal war  for a longtime. 

The woes started when A Pass threw jibes at Ykee Benda for failing to perform at the World Cup finals in Russia like he had earlier announced.  The “farmer” singer responded by branding A Pass as a faded musician.

The two have finally decided to end their beef and work together.

This positive decision was announced by A Pass through his Facebook page. 

“As brothers we have talked it out and it's best to make it public that Ykee Benda and myself have put every difference we have had in the past behind us. 
We are sorry for having divided any of our fans with petty issues but as you all know or should know when you grow up its better to put the childish things aside and be the grown-up person you should be. I reached out to my brother in respect and it didn't take 30 minutes to end all this. Love and respect will always win. One love Bro #NewChapter #YkeeBenda #Apass #OneLink” The “chupa ku chupa” singer posted.