Spice Diana is a prostitute - Roden Y

Posted: 2019-06-12T08:12:08Z Read: 4,518 times
Spice Diana is a prostitute - Roden Y

Singer Roden Y is known for his energetic performances and his daring attitude. And he is also known for attacking other artistes. He has fought with many including; Pallaso, and Aganaga.

The latest is that he claims female musician, Spice Diana is a prostitute.

Roden Y was at some point linked to the musician, but in a recent interview when asked about the affair, Roden Y said he gave up on her longtime.

“Spice Diana is a young girl who still admires many men. She is the kind of girl that can enjoy Aganaga, Kabako, Pallaso and Weasel at the same time. I left her to have fun. I now have a girlfriend and we are happy,” he said in an interview.