COWARD: Sheebah Rejected 150M, Cindy Accepted 50M For Music Battle

Posted: 2019-03-20T10:22:57Z
COWARD: Sheebah Rejected 150M, Cindy Accepted 50M For Music Battle

The highly anticipated music battle between Cindy and Sheebah  is most talked about event at the moment. Music lovers would pay to witness the two female artistes battle it out in a live performance.

However the battle might never happen because Sheebah is avoiding Cindy like a contagious disease. 

Many critics say she is scared that Cindy may end her career judging by her last performance at 'Mwoyo' concert that was held at Africana Hotel.

The latest on Howwe desk indicates that Sheebah and her management rejected 150m whereas Cindy had accepted 50m for the battle.

JK Kazoora,  through his instagram platform revealed that Sheebah turned down the offer to battle Cindy in 2018.

He posted a video captioned, “2018 I talked about this battle and it was a way to launch @magic1hd.I offered Cindy 50m and her management were all good, went ahead talked to Jeff but we didn't agree on the cash. At one point, he wanted 100m then 150m at the end he just said  he would good work with magic to push new video.

Anyway my idea was to have 2 stages maybe Sheebah produced by @fenonrecords then silk events for Cindy.

We would go back to the days of obsessions and I would definitely Mc that part and Uncle Mitch would Mc Blu 3 segment.

Mc Kats would then take on Sheebah and introduce most of the international collabos. We would have Nigerian and Rwandan boys she has sang with.

Dagy nice would Mc for Cindy. Balaam would promote Cindy and KT for  Sheebah.

Then we would do documentaries about the rise and rise for both. That would be 5 mins each for that segment 

I mean this production would be sick and launch our channel in style.

But we are back again and we have the cash to offer both and most importantly, produce the show like never before.

Happy that's what I thought many months back it's now trending”.

Well, the pressure is mounting on Sheebah and we hope she will finally accept the battle to go on.