Preggars: Hellen Lukoma UNFORGIVINGLY Ballooned

Posted: 2019-01-09T10:12:07Z
Preggars: Hellen Lukoma UNFORGIVINGLY Ballooned

Over the weekend, forever upcoming musician Hellen Lukoma introduced the love of her life Anwar Kaka to her parents in a ceremony  that was attended by close friends and family.

The latest news is that Hellen Lukoma is heavy after she swallowed a live seed few weeks ago.

A close look at the photos taken at her introduction ceremony, her belly size seems to be larger than her normal size.

During her introduction, Hellen Lukoma was continuously seen hiding her stomach from the cameras.

A close source has told Howwe that Lukoma is behaving like pregnant. She is normally seen eating raw mangoes.

"Hellen's character has changed and she behaves like a pregnant woman. She has also been talking about moving into their new mansion with a baby. She is generally heavy and excited," Hellen's friend told our snoop.

Well, it looks like Kaka is not only a sharp shooter in business but also in bed.

We shall keep you posted.