Mary Luswata Lists Celebs She Cannot Attack

Posted: 2018-11-09T07:56:01Z Read: 9,714 times
Mary Luswata Lists Celebs She Cannot Attack

Mary Luswata is well known for attacking celebrities but it turns out, she is intimidated by some.

In a recent interview, she confessed that she respects NTV presenters, Josephine Karungi and Flavia Tumusiime.

During her time on Scoop on Scoop, she attacked almost everyone except these two.

She says her reasons are personal however Howwe has been informed that they helped her to build and shape her career in the media industry.

Luswata  is  currently presenting Salon Talk, a show that was previously hosted by Judithiana.

Luswata claims she is not filling Judithiana's shoes because she is bigger than them.