Preggars: Finally Ex-Beauty Queen Ellah Ballooned

Posted: 2018-08-07T08:40:18Z Read: 5,909 times
Preggars: Finally Ex-Beauty Queen Ellah Ballooned

Beauty queen, Stella Nantumbwe (Ellah) is having a bun in her oven, sources report. She is reportedly showing signs but trying desperately to hide it.

Ellah is currently performing judicial duties in the ongoing Miss Uganda competition ahead of the finale next week. Thankfully for her, a bump is not yet showing, she will succeed in hiding it even at the Miss Uganda red carpet.

She has in the recent days suffered the wrath of online trollers after a video surfaced in which she alongside with other Miss UG judges faulted a contestant for mispronouncing, Makerere.

Ellah rose to fame in 2013 when she was crowned Miss Uganda. She later extended her minutes of fame when she took part in Big Brother in 2014. In the house, she fell in love with Tanzania's, Idris Elba. The relationship did not stay long after the end of the reality show. Ellah has since been in and out of relationships. Just last year, she was linked with Ssebagala's son, Muhammad. They were reported to be seriously involved in a romantic affair and had the blessings of their parents. 

They, however, split after developing misunderstandings they failed to resolve. Ellah has since been dating a Nigerian guy whose name we are yet to know.