I Believe In Sex After Marriage — Hellen Lukoma

Posted: 2018-07-14T07:51:07Z
I Believe In Sex After Marriage —   Hellen Lukoma

Hellen Lukoma is in love again and yes, she was a gifted with a brand new ride after getting engaged. And she is sexually starving her current lover.

While attending Napoleone Ehmah's comedy Explosion at Liquid Silk Bugolobi, the pencil sized model, actress and singer said, "I don't know if you know, but I want to be open with you and let you know that I am a virgin. All those things they say about me are not true. I am a virgin. I believe in no sex until marriage," Lukoma said, attracting cheers from the comedy revellers.

She even went ahead to emphasize that her previous relationships were not based on sex. "My previous relationships were not built on sex. I emphasize, It was about love not sex," she concluded.

It is remembered that Hellen Lukoma was in a longtime relationship with Dean Nsubuga.

What is not clear is whether she starved all her men in her previous relationships

We are investigating and we will keep you posted.