Sunday Column: Bettinah Tiannah aka Rolex, Angella Katatumba’s 10billion dream, Zari turns down luxury

Posted: 2018-05-13T19:31:58Z Read: 3,794 times
Sunday Column: Bettinah Tiannah aka Rolex, Angella Katatumba’s 10billion dream, Zari turns down luxury

-If you've been following Bettina Tiannah's life keenly, it must not be hard for you to believe she had never tasted a rolex in her 25 years of existence until last Sunday. This is the girl who told us she does all her shopping in the U.K.

-You'll excuse, Angela Katatumba for asking for a settlement of 10billion from Chicken Tonight. She has not been booked by any promoter in like a decade...

Bettinah Tiannah allergic to rolex

TV host Bettinah Tianah became the butt of jokes when she revealed on camera that she had never tasted a rolex until Sunday last week at the Blankets and Wines. Many cannot conceive it because rolex is the unofficial staple food for every Ugandan. Tiannah was born and bred here. She is a Muganda. Her sir name is Nassali. And the Christian name is Betty (very archaic). She attended local schools, primary to University. We totally understand where the rage going to her direction stems from. When you’re born in Uganda, the first thing you know after learning to pronounce, Mama, is rolex. Chappati stalls are ubiquitous. They are here and there. But Nassali just told the whole world, she has not been giving a damn in all her 25 years she has lived on this planet.

 If you’ve been following her life, it is not too hard to believe her, just like we do. Not long ago when she was sold a fake Balenciaga in South Africa, Nassali took to her social media and wrote, “that’s why I shop my things from the U.K…”

So by saying she had never tasted a rolex, Tiannah was only being herself. She doesn’t buy her things here. Period!

Angella Katatumba’s 10billion dream

This is it; Angella Katatumba is a musician who has not been making hits, and for that matter, no promoter has booked her for a gig in ages. Simple conclusion, Angella is broke. When she was recently assaulted at Chicken Tonight, she saw an opportunity to cash in not just small money, but billions. She has reportedly slapped heavy charges against the two Chicken Tonight staff that beat her. Angella wants them to pay 10 billion. Hell has no furry like a musician without relevance!

You know what’s adding salt to injury, Angella just lost her position as acting counsel to the Pakistan. Poor Angella!

Zari turns down luxury

Zari has had it all in life. She has had the cars. The men; rich and poor, skinny and big, and she has gone places. The mother of five recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years, Diamond Platiunumz. Platinumz was a romantic but he could not keep his ball in Zari’s net alone. He went scoring in the goals of other girls much to the dismay of Zari. She announced their breakup on Lover’s Day (Valentine). And recently she said she will not be hopping into any romantic affair soon. She can’t trust no man. Nonetheless, a musician called Ringtone in Kenya offered her a Range Rover with a personalized plate bearing her name as a way of professing his love. Zari turned it down. This is now Zari coming of age. She is no longer going to be with a man because he has money or he gives sex. She most probably doesn’t even want more kids. Zari wants a man who will finally put the ring on it.