You’re a ‘mufeere’ and womanizer - followers tell Vince Musisi

Posted: 2018-01-12T08:37:33Z
You’re a ‘mufeere’ and womanizer - followers tell Vince Musisi

Producer Vince Musisi has been called a crook by a section of his followers on social media after he wrote a post claiming he had been cheated by an Uber driver.

In his post, he said he was almost ripped off by an Uber driver who apparently asked for higher fares than required.
Sharing this on his Facebook, many of his followers didn’t believe him. 
One Brandon said, “You fooled my driver last time making him drive from Mengo to Kabalagala to pick your bitch and when she was dropped in Kiwatule, you refused to turn up after making him wait for an hour.”

Another one, Randy Rhodes said, “This Vince guy, same thing he did when he requested and his babe claimed he had a free ride for her yet there was no promo code. Upon reaching, she had to sort herself out.”

“I am thinking Vince Musisi has a problem as well. Uber has a platform of complaining and you get solutions. Often times, I have heard some drivers complaining that Vince makes requests for campus girls and slay queens who don’t have money and never wants pay. 
“Vince, stop playing games. Someone who can’t sustain a marriage for one year cannot make sensible decisions,” wrote Amon Takih.