Singer Big Eye A Bitter War With City Promoter

Posted: 2017-09-08T08:27:42Z Read: 1,990 times
Singer Big Eye A Bitter War With City Promoter

Singer Big eye was among the first Musicians who appeared on stage at Club Megafest in Masaka last week. Promoter Mutiima had promised him to get his payment just after his performance.

After the performance, Big eye and his crew waited for the payment from his car back stage. When it clocked mid night, Big eye lost his temper and started hunting for Mutiima like a dog that had lost its bone.

Unfortunately, Mutiima had disappeared from the event by midnight. Furious Big Eye was seen getting back to his car.

Now the latest, we have obtained from a reliable source, the two are not Seeing Eye to eye after he ran away with the money.

We have been told, Big Eye is threatening to drag Mutima to Police.

We shall keep you posted.