Eddy Kenzo Clashes With Mother In Law, Halima Namakula

Posted: 2017-06-27T09:30:50Z
Eddy Kenzo Clashes With Mother In Law, Halima Namakula

Singer Eddy Kenzo recently claimed that he is not ready to marry his current girlfriend, Rema. Being a Moslem, he was quoted saying that if he is to marry, he will settle with more than one woman.

In an interview with Rema’s mum and veteran singer, Halima Namakula, she expressed her disappointment in Eddy Kenzo and said he will grow up soon.

“I read in one of the tabloids the comments that were made by Kenzo. Of course, I didn’t believe them but if he said them then, I am disappointed but I am sure he will finally grow up”, she said.

During a local tabloid interview, the BET Award winning artist openly said that he is not sure if he is ready to marry Rema. As if that was not enough, he further added 'In future, I may think about marrying a second wife', however, he didn’t confirm.

“I am not about to marry for now. But I'm happy with my wife (Rema). About marrying more than one woman, as a Moslem, I can’t confirm it now. We are happy where are now. We won’t rush anything”, Eddy Kenzo reportedly said