Shocking Secrets Revealed About Chameleone’s Wife And Late Bbiina Priest

Posted: 2016-12-30T12:38:32Z
Shocking Secrets Revealed About Chameleone’s Wife And Late Bbiina Priest

In October, Bbiina Catholic church lost their top priest and almost the founder of the church late Fr John Scalabrini. He was also looking after 1000 orphans and had a lot of property in his name and under his foundation. 

Media revealed how the man of God left all property in the names of Chameleon’s wife Daniella. We have come to learn that it is not true, Daniella owns nothing.

Further information revealed is that Daniella was never related to the late father she claimed. The whole world  was fed with false news that the late father had a relationship with him but a very reliable source with the church says,

Daniella’s father was a suffering Italian in Uganda and when the late father came back In Uganda, he met Daniella’s father on the streets of Kampala and picked him up. He later found out he had a daughter and begged the late father to take care of him- source revealed.

Another source says the late father chased away Daniella when she got pregnant at age of 16 years. She was already an orphan and liked escaping from the late father’s residence in Mutungo. When she was reported pregnant, the late father ordered her exit from his residence but after many negations, she pleaded and asked to be taken in. The man of God forgave him.

He never related well with Chameleon and had refused Daniella to get married to him. Daniella who up to now at the late father’s place is known as one with a big head refused to listen to the late and she got married to the Chameleon. We have further got to learn that, it was some Top priest who convinced the late father John to wed them. He had refused- Source revealed