Shock Report: Irene Ntale and Sheebah Are Beefing

Posted: 2016-12-24T11:48:34Z Read: 7,287 times
Shock Report: Irene Ntale and Sheebah Are Beefing

We’re not trying to start no mess here . . . but someone close to Irene Ntale just told us something strange that we are yet to believe with time . . . that Irene Ntale and Sheebah are beefing!

Here is what the snitch told one of our snoops,

So Irene Ntale is beefing Sheebah over their collabo, Otubatisa. For some reason she feels Sheebah should not have the pride to claim the entitlement of the song on any grounds, which Sheebah is making a lot of money off the song and yet it’s hers.

If you remember well, this year in February, Sheebah who was a guest performer at Laftaz Comedy Lounge during a comedy show dubbed “Jaz Comedy Uganda”, performed all her songs including, “Tunywe”, “Malidaadi” and “Ndiwanjawulo” among others.

When it came to their hit song, “Otubatisa”, Sheebah reached out for Ntale who was seated in the audience and requested her to get on stage so that they could perform the song together but the “Gyobela” hit-maker deliberately refused and remained seated, leaving Sheebah to perform the song alone.

So let me ask you, when was the last time you saw Sheebah and Irene Ntale together? Irene Ntale made her concert and stopped Sheebah from coming to her concert. Sheebah also did the same.

Hmmmm . . . do you also buy in her words???