Chameleone’s Wife Spits Fire Over Property Shares

Posted: 2016-11-08T11:16:42Z
Chameleone’s Wife Spits Fire Over Property Shares

Howwe.Biz has got sensitive information coming from Bbiina Mutungo... and Chameleone’s wife is spitting fire like a dragon over the property that her ‘Dad’, Fr John Scalabrini left behind.

This website understands there have been ongoing family fights especially about the FAMILY WILL Father John left behind.

According to close family friends, the WILL was finally read …and it indicates Daniella, wife to Jose Chameleone owns nothing. This has sparked off fire between the priests and the members that side with Daniella.  

This website understands, the first WILL that was read by Justice Remmy Kasule, indicated that Daniella who is a foster child to the late was assigned to take over the Kihangire schools, the new University that is under construction at the same site near the Kihangire schools and the house that Chameleon and his wife once occupied when they had problems in Seguku.

Following Justice Kasule’s read WILL, another confidential WILL was read which indicated that no property was given to any foster kid. And insider at Bbiina informed us that no foster child was given any property.

"After the burial Justice Remmy Kasule read the will and just after one day, a confidential meeting was held between confidential family members and another will  was read and they chose to have the two wills" source said.

Daniella Storms out Of Late John’s House In Protest

Day after  the burial, Daniella who was already disappointed, stormed out of the house and left to her home with family

"She got misunderstandings with some other priests and of course it was because of some property. She expected much from the will something that never came to pass" Source revealed.

Daniella who is the favorite of all the orphans, late father John had. He trusted her so much and by the time he was bed ridden in Nsyamba she was the one in control of the whole organization

 "A week before he was taken to hospital, its Daniella that was bring us food here and everything was in the mess because we didn't know what next. We just saw things happening" source said.

Greed Takes Over As Charity Foundation Turns Into Business Organization

We can exclusively reveal that the charity foundation the late father started decades back to help the orphans and the displaced has to be changed into business minting organization

 "After the will, sponsorship is on the verge of ceasing since its now going to be a business organization. But we as kids who got a chance of completing school we are going to come up with an association to support our young ones that we have been living with. It's suspected that whoever is going to stay at the premises of late Father John will pay their own school fees and be able to look after each other. We don't know what is going to happen. Everyone seems greedy for property" source said.

Daniella has maintained her silence when we contacted her "I will do media interviews when its time but for now I am not going to do that" she assured us.


Our snoops managed to acquire a comment from the late father John's residence in Bbiina Mutungo. A one Father Joseph had this to say.

"All these you're telling me we are handling. There is nothing much to talk about or explain. Father was a loving man and we have to carry on where he stopped. There was no property that was given to anyone but all in all remain calm and we are calm too" Father Joseph explained