Ashburg Katto, Sugar Mummy SaraJoy Swap Saliva

Posted: 2016-09-01T10:56:32Z Read: 9,222 times
Ashburg Katto, Sugar Mummy SaraJoy Swap Saliva

City socialite SaraJoy Bakanansa famously known as Amber Rose must be still consuming liters of Saliva that she siphoned recently from her bonkmate Ashburg Katto.

The couple was spotted exchanging saliva on what appeared as the Airport recently.

Ashburg Katto was seen tightly holding onto SaraJoy’s aging body as they disappeared into each other. Time stood still as their lips moved together sweetly making them forget how they were in public. They apparently kissed for almost 120 seconds.

Public display of affection has of late been seen as method of communication for people in romantic relationships.

It should be noted, Ashburg and SaraJoy have been happily in love for the past five months or so. Their love has led to Ashburg being given “Ashburg Katto's Nail Clinic” courtesy of Sugar Mummy SaraJoy who has appreciated his bed works.