“I Want To Look Like Bad Black”— Fyonna Nsubuga

Posted: 2016-08-23T07:28:48Z
“I Want To Look Like Bad Black”— Fyonna Nsubuga

Upcoming female dancehall singer, Fyonna Nsubuga has confessed her admiration for bad black’s new look after super bleaching and is in transformation of looking like her.

During an interview recently on Spark TV, the “Wanzikiza” singer revealed that she admires city socialite Bad Black’s new skin look and she wouldn’t mind if she looked like her.

She also continued and said that it is someone’s right to do whatever she/he feels as longer as it doesn’t affect others.

Fiona joins the bleaching camp of the singers who have vowed to bleach their skins till the world comes to an end and latest being Irene Ntale, Rema Namakula, and gospel singer Judith Babirye among others

Watch this space