Rolex Time: Singer Maro Shows Why He’s A Musoga!

Posted: 2016-08-12T18:17:15Z Read: 4,157 times
Rolex Time: Singer Maro Shows Why He’s A Musoga!

“A Musoga will always be Musoga” no matter where they are or what they have become.

Well, it is on many occasions many people forget where they came from, but this is not the case with the RnB Kyabazinga Maro who with his partner in Rolex, Enid Mirembe of the Miss Tourism Busoga are trying their best to prove that Busoga will always be the king of Rolexes.

 On Thursday while in Kabalagala, Maro decided recall his greatest job before he starting making music, which is the Rolex business which he decided to try out again by the roadside as a challenge ahead of the Rolex festival scheduled for the 21st August at the national museum.

“Am doing this because this who we are, am a Musoga and proud to be a Musoga and since the best Rolexes are made from Busoga, I decided to take on this challenge to show the nation that am not only good at music but I can’t forget my roots” Maro said