Screw Him; Radio & Weasel Insist Jeff Kiwa Is An ‘Evil Man’, Hire Legal Team

Posted: 2016-06-18T11:21:30Z
Screw Him; Radio & Weasel Insist Jeff Kiwa Is An ‘Evil Man’, Hire Legal Team

Saying "sorry" acknowledges that you're a conscious agent of change in the universe, and that you screwed it up. It also recognizes that others are real people whose feelings are important. Or that they're capable of hitting you. Either way, important.

However, this not the case with Uganda’s best dynamic duo, Radio and Weasel! They are not ready to apologize to their former manager Jeff, who they claim is much involved in human sacrifice.

Recently, the dynamic duo revealed shocking information in a video that was posted on Social Media claiming that Kiwa sacrifices people takes their heads and does other charms to make money.

And with video circulating on social media like a ‘sex-tape’, this prompted Jeff to take them to court hiring renowned lawyer, Muwema of Muwema & company Advocates to take them on and be brought to book for having loose mouth!

 The duo was later served with a legal notice, in the notice; Jeff demanded legal redress of 500 million in damages from each making 1 billion shillings.

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However as expected, the singers have come out and said, they will take on Jeff citing they have enough evidence that is a very ‘evil man’. And with that they have gone ahead to hire a team of 6 legal experts from Katende and Ssempebwa advocates to defend them.

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