AK 47’s Grave Is Not A Smoking Zone — Pallaso Cries

Posted: 2016-06-15T16:22:36Z
AK 47’s Grave Is Not A Smoking Zone —  Pallaso Cries

It’s close to 2 years now since a member of the Mayanja family, AK47 passed away in a mysterious way that has never been properly established till now.

Remembers of the family and friends since then have been making efforts to visit and gardens the grave yard where his body was laid to rest in their ancestral home however many people especially the youth who claim to have been tight friends with the deceased had started misusing the place.

It’s been rumored that many people that would go to visit and pay respect at AK47 grave had turned it into a smoking zone and a venue of all sorts of bad dress code. Most women would dress skimpily something that made one of his elder brothers angry.

 According to Pallaso, he came out clearly to state that it’s disrespectful for his late brother’s graves to be tuned into a smoking zone and went ahead to warn all the ladies that ware skimpily while visiting the place to stop it and let his brother rest in peace.

The reason why they say RIP is to ensure that the deceased indeed rests in peace therefore those who had turned it into a smoking zone should stop.

Pallaso addressed his concerns while in an interview on one of the TV stations in Uganda