Mina Izah’s Tale Of Fame.

Posted: 2016-06-06T08:27:20Z Read: 2,595 times
Mina Izah’s Tale Of Fame.

She is one of the promising top divas in this country; Mina Izah popularly known for her “Nfukilira” song was able to reveal to us her rise to fame. Born in a staunch Muslim religious family, she was able to grow up under the Islam values taught by her mother.

In her childhood years, mina loved dancing and used to attend parties with her mum just to   entertain the guests by dancing although she always wanted to be a journalist when she grows up.

Her limelight came when she joined “Hot steps” a dancing competition on NTV season two of which she emerged as the winner of Two million. After that she would dance on promotions for gifts which exposed her more to the world and thus joining the obsessions as a dancer.

Her breakthrough was when she joined music with the help of Jackie Chandiru as her music trainer and introduced her to Ray Signature that wrote her first song “Njagaragwe”.

Mina Izah is inspired by Juliana ever since she was young among the female artists but her competition is Sheebah Karungi in Uganda, while internationally, she is inspired by Beyoncé.

She has so far released a couple of songs including Lindazi, Kankuwe, Mutego, Nfa, her collabo with Aganaga Nseeko nseeko and many others.

She believes that in two years to come, she will be the best female artist in Uganda since she is an ambitious lady who is willing to go heights no matter what.

Well, we wish you the best gal.