'Chameleone Is A Tiger In Bed' — Singer Jackie Confesses

Posted: 2016-01-27T09:44:30Z
'Chameleone Is A Tiger In Bed' — Singer Jackie Confesses

Struggling musician and actress with Twagi on TV West, Jackie Kazire who is based in Mbarara has revealed shocking sex secrets for Dr. Jose Chameleone indicating that he is very aggressive in bed when it reaches matters of feasting on the hairy meat found between a woman’s legs!


In a recent confession with one of the tabloids, singer described chameleone as follows


“You guys let me tell you, there is my friend whom I will not mention, she told me that Weasel bonked her the whole night that’s what happened to me last night I cried to Chameleone to stop but he refused, he bonked me for over an hour nonstop,”


Like she wasn’t satisfied of the night, she further revealed they had sex in Oxford Inn where they spent a night.


Apparently, she claims Chameleone bonked her in exchange for a collabo.


Our snoops have tried to get in touch with this singer but all in vain. However, we can’t fully verify whether this actually the truth from the singer or if she is trying to revive her already struggling music career to light through these controversial stories.


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