Can having sex during safe period prevent unwanted pregnancy?

Posted: 2014-11-08T02:48:42Z

Safe period usually refers to the period when a woman is not likely to get pregnant even if she has unprotected sex. Technically speaking, one needs to meticulously calculate the safe period to have safe sex sans any protection. This is a tricky job, though isn’t impossible. Calculating one’s safe period also depends on the length of the menstruation cycle of the woman. Here are ways in which you can track your fertile days to have sex. 

In a general scenario, a woman’s menstrual cycle could last for 28 days or can also be up to 32 days. There are times when one can also experience longer and shorter cycles throughout the months. To calculate safe sex days or safe sex period, it is ideal to keep a track of your menstrual cycles for a couple of months. Know how often you should have sex to get pregnant.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Your menstrual cycle starts with the first day of your periods and ends the day before your get the other. In case your menstrual cycle is for 28 days then the safe days to have sex are day 1 to 7 of the period and from day 19th to the start of the next cycle.

  • In case you have a 32-day menstrual cycle then your safe days for sex would be the first seven days of the cycle and from day 22nd to the start of the next cycle.

Your chances to become pregnant during these days are less because of the various hormonal changes happening inside you. However, remember that having sex during the safe period is not a fool-proof solution. It is best to use protection in case you are not planning a pregnancy. There is no way anyone can predict if having unprotected sex during your safe period will save you from an unplanned pregnancy. It is wise to avoid having unprotected sex even during the safe period to avoid STDs as well.