Ways A Lady Can Calm Her Man When She Makes Him Angry

Posted: 2019-01-31T09:16:27Z
Ways A Lady Can Calm Her Man When She Makes Him Angry

No matter how perfect a relationship is there must be certain disagreements and misunderstanding, either the lady makes her man angry or the man makes the lady angry; it’s only natural, but the most important thing is how to get your man or your lady back to being happy with you.

This article focuses on how every lady can turn an angry man to a happy man; it’s not as hard as you think ladies and I would show you how.


There is nothing that would make an angry man feel better than a heartfelt apology from a lady that he really cares about. No matter how mad he is at you just give at least five minutes then tell him how sorry you are; don’t tell him at the heat of the moment because he just might not feel it; let the anger calm down a little then apologise and he would surely feel better.


Having a calm aura when your man is angry with you would calm him easily. The problem is most ladies would prefer shouting back, nagging, hissing and frowning which would make him angrier. If you made your man angry just keep your cool and that would calm his nerves down; if you are calm, the calmness would rub onto him and he wouldn’t see the need to be angry anymore.


Yea, sulk; by sulking, I don’t mean you should frown or pretend to be angry, no, just be moody, look sad and keep that I-want-to-cry lady’s face. This usually get to men and within hours he would calm himself down and would even start thinking that he probably overreacted; don’t be surprised if he would come back to you to quell your anger; but the secret to being a successful ‘sulker’ is that you shouldn’t overdo it else it would become childish and annoying.


If your man is angry, give him a massage on the shoulder and you would be surprised at the impact. Massage on the shoulder would relieve muscle tensions, relieve anger and relieve stress, so in other words, he would enjoy the massage no matter what, even if he would pretend to still be angry for a while. Give that angry husband, fiancé, boyfriend a massage on the shoulder and he would feel better; trust me, I’ve been there before *winks*.


Well, I would give you one further advice—-> reader’s discretion; take that massage further; those hands aren’t made of wood and men are usually sensitive to a woman’s touch. Believe me, that anger could lead something waaaaaaaaay better within minutes.


Sometimes all he might want to do is think things through, so just give him some space and he would appreciate it, let him embrace himself with his thoughts and he would come through. But beware, thoughts might not always be positive, so even if you give him space be sure to observe his moods and expression; if after hours this doesn’t work then I would suggest an application of tip 1, 4 and 5 and the anger would be a thing of the past.


Calming an angry man isn’t as difficult as it seems really and these six tips would calm even the angriest of men; well, as far as you didn’t cheat on him with his best friend.