Common Thoughts That Ugandan Women Have Right After They've Had Sex With You

Posted: 2018-12-21T08:46:21Z
Common Thoughts That Ugandan Women Have Right After They've Had Sex With You

“I hope I was good enough”

One of the biggest insecurities lie in our performance in bed. The stakes are so high in a world where a man wants a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed, men openly drool over blue movie stars, and women with big behinds and boobs; in a world where women show excitement over men who are sex-symbols, so much music going on of men praising how great they are in bed, plus all the ridicule and stereotyping surrounding the size of a man’s tool. It comforts the heart when your spouse tells you “You did me so well!” and it’s believable. If you expect your spouse to be faithful, then your natural desire is that your spouse finds your sex amazing.

 “What if I get pregnant?”

After the trembling sweet O, harsh reality then sinks in. The two bodies cool after a steamy encounter. Perhaps the condom broke, perhaps no condom was used. She sees herself pregnant and gets scared. Again the morning after pill is about to be searched for. She’s not ready to be a mother; he is not ready to be a father. To make it worse, they don’t know each other well, they are not even a couple, and they are not married. Maybe soon comes abortion, next comes an emotional scar. Why are you playing with sex?

“I wonder what your HIV status is”

Worry creeps in when you begin to think you might have just opened a door to your life that will harm you. When you know very well the person you have just been with is unfaithful, and chances are, has been getting some sugar from other quarters.

“I Cannot Believe We Just DID That!”

 This is probably under circumstances when, a) The two of you were not supposed to DO That! B) The two of you did something she probably never imagined doing and she feels strangely good about having been THAT bad, or c) Both a) and b)

“Does He Love Me Now?”

Some (hey, I said ‘some’, okay?) women also believe that sleeping with a guy seals the romantic deal in an unbreakable way. That’s not true; but, well, there are reasons for this perception—either you led her to assume that sleeping with each other would take your relationship to another level, or she just thinks being good in bed would make you fall irrevocably in love with her; which—to be honest—has happened in some cases. Just saying.

“Are We A Couple Now?”

A lot like the previous point; but a lot less clingy, given that at least she hasn’t jumped to the ‘L’-Word… yet. But, yeah given that you probably said her name while climaxing, or holding her in a way that seemed to her, a lot like how couples do, she is probably thinking that you see her as a potential significant other.