Shock as Tumukunde is greeted by empty campaign venues in Gulu

Posted: 2020-12-01T08:18:54Z Read: 3,393 times
Shock as Tumukunde is greeted by empty campaign venues in Gulu

Independent Presidential candidate Henry Tumukunde was on Monday forced to call off his campaigns in Nwoya and Gulu districts over low turn up of supporters.  

According to the campaign programme, Tumukunde was scheduled to address voters in Anaka Town Council in Nwoya district and Awach Sub County in Gulu district, only for him to find empty spaces.

Tumukunde and his team were shocked when they could not attract any supporters from their first two campaigns in Adjumani and Amuru districts. 

Tumukunde arrived in Adjumani Town Council, at around 1:30 p.m. ready to address voters from Cesia Primary School playground in Adjumani Town Council only to be greeted by any empty venue. He waited for several minutes but later drove out of the town.

He attempted to make an impact by waving at residents who were instead concentrating on their business and never paid attention to him. 

The candidate then drove to Attiak Town Council in Amuru district where he was also greeted by an empty venue at the Attiak Sub County headquarters.

He also spent less than ten minutes on top of his vehicle as he attempted to reach onlookers to vote for him if they want a change of government, explaining that he is an army general like incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and knows his styles better.  

After this, Tumukunde and his campaign team made several stopovers at trading centers along the Gulu-Nimule while playing his campaign songs with a public address system but the onlookers seemed unbothered.  

The team is scheduled to campaign in Lamwo, Kitgum and Agago districts on Tuesday and Pader, Omoro and Gulu City on Wednesday.