FDC Unveils strong Campaign team for Presidential flag bearer Amuriat

Posted: 2020-10-19T10:57:16Z Read: 3,189 times
FDC Unveils strong Campaign team for Presidential flag bearer Amuriat

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change has this morning unveiled the campaign team for the party flag bearer Patrick Oboi Amuriat. 

Amb. Waswa Birigwa who is Director General for campaign revealed that campaign will be called “bonfire campaign” and that it will move throughout all villages in Uganda.

We are going to look for votes everywhere, so that our people have a chance to vote. Hopefully this time round the cows in Ntungamo will not vote. We hope real people will be given the opportunity to vote” Birigwa said.

He added that as a party, they hopped that their competitors especially the ruling NRM and Mr. Museveni will allow all the candidates to access the country and reach the people and be able to take their messages to them. 

“I do truly hope that if we are supposed to adhere to SOPs, then we ask NRM also to do so. Because if they do not do so, then our people will have very difficult time of not being in crowds as you have seen in many places” Birigwa noted.

Kaginda Roland Mugume the campaign field commander presented names of campaign managers that will be heading field teams and assured the party supporters, that according to the general public FDC has the best presidential candidate so far. 

The campaign team includes; Hon. Kaps Fungaroo as deputy director general, Wycliffe Bakandonda as Executive Director Campaign bureau, Hon. Phillip Wafula Oguttu as Chief Campaign advisor, and Hon. Salam Musumba as Chief campaign monitor and quality assurance.

Presidential Advisory council; Hon. Cecilia Atim Barbra Ogwal as chairperson. Other members of the council are; Mzei Mboijana, Dr. Frank Nabwaiso, Ms. Martha Atiku, Hon. JB Okello Okello, Dr. Elizabeth Kiwalabye, Mr. Kibuka Mukalazi, Haji Obed Kamulegeya, Dr. Margaret Kasande, Ms. Lydia Turyahumura, Mzei William Mukaira, Mr. Kashobera John, and Mr. Barinda Wilson.

Director Publicity Communication and branding will be Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda. He will be deputized by Mr. Kikonyogo John. Other members of this committee include; Simon Muyanga Lutaaya, Harold Kaija, Ms. Nanteza Resty Nakapacu, Mr Otema John, Okrut David, Shawn Mubiru, Nabaasa Allan and Miles Rwamiti Apuuli among others.

Finance and logistics will be headed by Hon. Jack Sabiiti and his committee members include; Hon. Kyambadde Wilberforce, Hon. Mwijukye Francis, Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi, Hon. Mubarack Munyagwa, Hon. Fred Turyamuwheza, Mr. Dennis Elyau and Namanya Naboth.

Others include Directorate of special interest groups lead by Hon. Betty Aol Ochan, Directorate of field logistics led by Hon. William Nzoghu, director research policy and strategy is Dr. Stella Nyazi.