Who owns Color Red? UPC, NUP set to go to Court over Red color

Posted: 2020-08-05T08:44:18Z Read: 1,725 times
Who owns Color Red? UPC, NUP set to go to Court over Red color

The fight for the red color between the newly created party National Unity Platform and Uganda Peoples’ Congress has taken a new twist with the former alleging the latter that it sold to NRM.

Joel Ssenyonyi the NUP spokesperson says they have heard rumors that UPC President Jimmy Akena sold the UPC party to President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM.

However, Hon Akena said Ssenyonyi speaks like an amateur who is attacking on matters that he is not well averse with. He advised him not to go attacking parties carelessly. 

“I would really advise someone like Joel on some of these issues, don’t be throwing insinuations or attacks carelessly. We are here into politics, if you are here to stay, you are going to find us we are going to interact at some point. This sort of thinking that you can walk over anything, please don’t go that route, we have been in politics and we are going to remain” Akena said.

He noted that since the electoral commission has given the NUP advice and if they are aggrieved, they should go to court.

However, Ssenyonyi says that while they appreciate that UPC and its leaders have been around, the party has lost momentum on ground for selling to Museveni. He says NUP is not being bullies but are following their constitution and that red is a part of their colors as stated in the party constitution.

The two parties are fighting over the color red, which has been the official color of UPC party since time immemorial. The electoral commission has since advised the new kids of NUP to drop the color as it belongs to the UPC, but Ssenyonyi on Tuesday said they will not do so, and that whoever is aggrieved should drag them to Court. 

According to the Electoral Commission Chairperson, NUP’s request for a change of colors to make red the most dominant was turned down because the color was already reserved for UPC.

The two Parties have asked the most aggrieved to go to Court, but NUP insists they will not accept to give up the red color since its original owner is as good as dead. 

Many Ugandans have since branded the new party, arrogant and bullies for wanting to step on parties they have found in existence. The party owned by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi has been gaining momentum with some sitting MPS joining them, something that has caused issues with other opposition parties.