FDC Launches Red Ribbon Campaign in Karamoja

Posted: 2017-10-13T09:17:29Z
FDC Launches Red Ribbon Campaign in Karamoja

Opposition party Forum for Democratic Change- FDC has taken the red ribbon campaign to the Karamoja sub-region. The red ribbon is a symbolic protest tool adopted by the opposition in Uganda to express disgust at the planned amendment of the constitution to lift the cap on presidential age limits.

Tied around the head, the ribbons allegedly depict the willingness to shed blood in order to safeguard the constitution.

On Thursday, FDC presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi launched the campaign in Karamoja sub-region during a consultative meeting with FDC party delegates drawn from all the districts of Karamoja.
Simon Nangiro, the FDC coordinator in Karamoja says the red ribbons now define every individual's commitment to a peaceful future for Uganda.

Jackie Zali, a female youth in Moroto who joined in wearing the red ribbon says they are determined to engage security forces over the campaign.
Karamoja is a stronghold of the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party. The party scored more than 90 percent in the 2016 general election.