MP Sewanyana loses FUFA Election, Cries like baby

Posted: 2017-05-18T12:46:20Z
MP Sewanyana loses FUFA Election, Cries like baby

Makindye West Member of Parliament Allan Ssewanyana is in tears after losing in the polls to become a delegate ahead of the Fufa General Assembly in August.

Ssewanyana who refuses to accept defeat lost to Fufa Excom member Darius Mugoye 14-1 in the Kampala region polls under the third Division category.

Crying like a baby, Sewanya run to the press and expressed his disappointment, claiming it was unfortunate that some of his voters had been locked out. "Let us see what happens because this battle to see who will eventually become Fufa President in August is not over," he added.

A happy Mugoye after the election at the Fufa headquarters in Mengo this morning told the press that; "I am happy that the people have decided.”

The other five members who also made it to be part of the delegates for Kampala region include Fufa president Moses Magogo, Hamid Juma, Sande Moni, Robert Sserunjogi and Haruna Tamale.

The process started with voting district representatives before getting to the second phase today. Each of the eight regions, among which are Buganda, Kampala, West Nile, Eastern, North Eastern, Kitara, Western and Northen, will vote six delegates.

This afternoon a tough contest is expected between former Fufa spokesman and now NRM spokesperson, Rogers Mulindwa and Sulait Makumbi for the Buganda zone.

Joseph Mwanje managed to go through unopposed for Buganda as did all six delegates from West Nile and North-Eastern.

In eastern region, Jamal Ngobi (Tororo), Sam Lwere (Budaka) and Latif Mafuko (Mbale) are unopposed. The other regions Eastern will vote on Friday, while Western, Kitara and Northern vote on Saturday.

Ahead of the General Assembly in August only incumbent Moses Magogo has announced that he is seeking re-election, although former President and proprietor of Vipers SC and St Marys Kitende SS, Lawrence Mulindwa is also expected to contest.