I will not return to Nakawa Court—Besigye

Posted: 2017-01-25T10:24:41Z
I will not return to Nakawa Court—Besigye

Former Presidential candidate Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye has vowed not to return to the Nakawa magistrate’s court for mention of his treason case after the state told the same court that investigations are not yet complete.

The opposition Ironman was arrested in May last year after attempting to swear himself in as President of the Republic of Uganda and airlifted to Moroto District where he was charged and remanded to prison.

He was later transferred to Kampala and charged at Nakawa before being released on bail by the High Court.

Now, today morning, Besigye told court it was his last time to appear until the State sorts itself and completes investigation.

He tweeted with a photo of himself seated in court; “Already seated in Nakawa Court waiting for Magistrate. It’s the last time to appear in this court if investigations in treason case continue.”

He later told court that; “I respectfully want to inform this court that I will not come back to this court. When investigations are done they can inform me. I will only come back to this court as a prisoner if they choose to arrest me but i will not come back myself,” he said.

However, the magistrate set another date of February 27 when Dr Besigye is expected to return to court.