Besigye Blames People Jumping off buildings on Museveni’s Government

Posted: 2016-10-06T10:00:55Z
Besigye Blames People Jumping off buildings on Museveni’s Government

Former FDC presidential candidate has blamed President Yoweri Museveni and what he calls the injustices of the ruling NRM to for the raise in the number of people jumping off buildings in Kampala.

In the last month, three young men jumped off different buildings, possibly to take their lives due to frustrations caused by lack of jobs, poverty, or relationship issues.

Addressing the press at his home in Kasangati today, Besigye said jumping from buildings is one of the outcome of injustice.

“Where you have injustice, you have conflict. If injustice is in your club, you will have conflict. Injustice breeds conflict. In Kampala, people have been jumping from buildings. This is one of the outcome of injustice” Besigye said.

He added that citizens are frustrated by corrupt leaders who instead of serving Ugandans do the opposite. He claims the president can leave but injustice will remain.

“People danced mazina maganda on top of tanks only for Amin to turn tanks to them. Same to Amin, people looted sugar, many hadn’t had sugar for a long time. Only for another to come to spread injustice” Besigye added.

According to the ironman, as long as there's injustice, there will be insecurity and corruption. All this breeds international terrorism. He also told the pres that Museveni’s system has become cancerous. And his system has spread a malignant cancer in Sudan, now infiltrating Kenya.

“M7 creates instability and he says he's the only one who can solve the problem. This is what he's doing in South Sudan. M7 is part of the problem and not part of the solution. We need to holistically solve the regional peace and security problems.”

Besigye returned from a six weeks visit from Europe on Monday and was immediately arrested from the airport before being whisked to his home in Kasangati.

Police explained they had received intelligence that Besigye was planning on causing chaos in the city center by holding a procession from Entebbe to Kasangati via Kampala business center.