Besigye Blasts Nsereko: I have no Business with Jobless Brotherhood

Posted: 2016-10-06T07:15:14Z Read: 3,626 times
Besigye Blasts Nsereko: I have no Business with Jobless Brotherhood

Former presidential candidate Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye has denied funding the youth who carried piglets to parliament to protest the unpopular age limit Bill.

Besigye today morning while appearing on a local TV station told the country that he has never at any point met or funded the troublesome youth.

Recently, Kampala central MP Hon. Muhammad Nsereko insinuated that FDC drama queen Ingrid Turinawe and the opposition ironman were funding the youth who had named the piglets after some members including him.

The infamous age limit Bill was spearheaded by hon. Robert Ssekitolekko seeking to increase the retirement age of judges from 70 to 75 and to give the electoral commissioners and indefinite term. However, the Bill was rejected by parliament immediately.

The youth were also protesting the proposed 200m shillings car fund for members of parliament.

On September 15th, two members belonging to the Jobless Brotherhood pressure group, Mr Joseph Mubiru and his colleague Ferdinand Luta dropped piglets painted in blue and yellow colors bearing names of MPs including; Muhammad Nsereko, Winnie Kiiza the LOP, Chris Obore the PRO of parliament, Jacob Oulanya the deputy speaker, Hon. Komakech, Ssekitolekko Robert among others.

Besigye says even when he is not funding the group, he supports every Ugandan who wants to show dissatisfaction of what the NRM government’s rule.

He says every Ugandan has a right to protest any poor government policies in whichever manner they find favorable, and that it was wrong for Nsekereko to play the religious card in the matter.

“I think Nserekko has a problem. Religion does not sin, individual sins. Playing the religious card was wrong” Besigye said.