Government advised to halt construction of new roads

Posted: 2021-10-21T08:40:51Z
Government advised to halt construction of new roads

The government should suspend the construction of new roads and direct the available resources to ongoing projects, the National Planning Authority (NPA) has recommended.  

Joseph Muvawala the NPA Executive Directive made the recommendation while appearing before the Budget Committee of Parliament to present their opinion on the government's charter for fiscal Responsibility.

Maxwell Akora, the Maruzi County MP had proposed that Government shouldn’t borrow money to finance recurrent expenditure, while Moses Aleper, the Chekwii County MP said that what blots the budget is the capital expenditure, which needs to be restricted given the COVID-19 situation.  

The committee registered concerns that the charter of fiscal Responsibility is non-committal on Uganda's widening public debt, which stands 52.7% above the threshold. 

It has now tasked the government to find new strategies of revenue mobilizing funds and suspend borrowing for recurrent expenditure.