Kisoro district Chairman in trouble for flouting curfew guideline, accusing RDC, Police of attempting to assassinate him

Posted: 2021-10-01T13:02:21Z
Kisoro district Chairman in trouble for flouting curfew guideline, accusing RDC, Police of attempting to assassinate him

Police in Kisoro has summoned Abel Bizimana, Kisoro District LC5 Chairman to explain his allegations that Captain Peter Mugisha, area Resident District Commissioner and other security officers attempted to assassinate him.   

Trouble for Bizimana started on Wednesday night at 11PM when he used social media to accuse Captain Mugisha and other security officers of attempting to assassinate him using guns. 
"Mr. Peter Mugisha, I survived the assassination today. Hope you won’t use your system to leave Kisoro when they don’t have an LCV Chairman. I definitely know you will finally retire to Kanungu but you don’t have to leave when LCV is in a coffin. We shall overcome. Five rounds on me? “ Bizimana wrote.  

He claims to have been meeting a section of secondary school private teachers at Sun Set Hotel located along Mutanda road in Kisoro municipality at around 08:00PM, when a group of police officers and Uganda Peoples Defense Forces Soldiers emerged and started shooting and at him. 

The chairman alleges that he immediately hid and security officers could not easily identify him. The officers also impounded over 20 motorcycles that belong to teachers he was meeting. 
Bizimana says he has information indicating that the officers had been sent by Captain Mugisha to shoot him dead.

His statement triggered a public uproar on social media with some people supporting him and others supporting the RDC and police whom they way were enforcing curfew.

Police on Thursday evening released summons dated 30th September this year, asking Bizimana to report himself to Kisoro police station before the office of the Criminal Investigations Department on Tuesday next week at 10:00AM to explain in a statement the circumstances surrounding the alleged assassination plot.   

“On 29th September at around 11:20PM, you using your known registered phone number +256774998125 took to social media specifically Whatsapp platform where you shared information alleging an attempt to assassinate you by Capt (Rtd) Peter Mugisha, RDC Kisoro," reads the summons. "It is not clear from your message in your possession what happened, where, and how. This office finds these allegations serious and worth investigating. A general Inquiry File Vide KSR GEF 12/2021has thus been opened to that effect.  Pursuant to section 27A of the Police Act Cap 303 (As Amended) you are requested to report to police at Kisoro CPS to furnish us with your account of what happened to enable us to investigate these allegations.  Kindly report in person in the office of District CID Officer Kisoro on Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 10:00AM. You will thereafter fore be guided on what is expected of you” The summons reads.

However, Patrick Ogwang, the acting Kisoro district police commander dismissed Bizimana’s allegations saying security officers who were enforcing curfew along Mutanda road heard a loud noise from Sun Set Bar and Hotel. 
While security officers asked revelers to open, led by Bizimana, they instead responded with insults to officers and resisted to open.

"It is in the process that officers shot in the air. "Our officers had found Bizimana with other revelers very drunk and instead of complying with the order to leave, they resisted and started hurling insults at the officers."

Ogwang warns that security officers will continue enforcing the presidential guidelines on Covid-19 prevention despite the tendency of some of the drunkards continuously closing themselves inside bars.