Mildmay proposal to conduct routine COVID-19 Screening in Arcades rejected

Posted: 2021-09-15T10:33:00Z
Mildmay proposal to conduct routine COVID-19 Screening in Arcades rejected

Mildmay Uganda Hospital will not conduct routine COVID-19 screening for the business community in arcades, Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA has said.

Dr. Yvonne Karamagi, the Director of Medical Services Mildmay Uganda Hospital wrote to the Health Director in KCCA on August 11th, 2021, proposing a partnership with Kampala Arcades Advocacy Forum-KAAFO to conduct COVID-19 screening on arcades.    

However, the Director didn’t explain what it could take to conduct the routine testing. 

“This is in a bid to limit the spread of COVID 19 through early detection of the infection which protects patients and counterparts through early intervention” part of Karamagi’s letter reads.

She also explained that the trader’s success largely depends on the number of clients encountered and money transactions made, largely through physical cash transactions.

“Given the low vaccination rates in the country so far, the country is at risk of getting into a third wave and the dangers it possesses, worse of it being death……… It is in this regard that Mildmay would like to set up a surveillance mechanism through having testing camps at the arcade for routine screening of traders,” she added.

Now, Dr. Julius Otim the Deputy Director of Health Services in KCCA, says they rejected the proposal after realizing that Mildmay Hospital wanted to organize the testing camps and charge people.  

Dr. Otim added that they already have partners and can’t allow for a local arrangement. 

“We normally accept partnerships, but when people have other interests like seeking financial gains we don’t entertain them,” noted Otim.  

He further wondered where Mildmay Hospital would get COVID-19 vaccines to vaccinate the traders