FDC Demands Accountability for COVID-19 Donation funds

Posted: 2021-08-03T03:40:59Z
FDC Demands Accountability for COVID-19 Donation funds

The Forum for Democratic Change, FDC is demanding full accountability of all the money released from the consolidated fund for purposes of fighting against Covid 19. 

While addressing the media at Najjanankumbi on Monday, Hon. Ssemujju Nganda the party spokesperson said they want all donations that were received by Government from Ugandans and other partners, to be accounted for. 

“There are several reports ranging from the Auditor General, whistle blowers and other Ugandans pointing to abuse and misuse of covid money. Senior government officials have turned the fight against Covid into an enterprise. They are awarding themselves lucrative deals to supply various items. This caused delays in some cases, under supply and all no supply. We demand that these individuals be brought to book and the money that they have abused must be immediately recovered” Ssemujju said.

He noted that a case in point is the purchase of pickups that have taken forever to be delivered. He wondered whether these pickups were one of the most urgent items.

“How can a country lack oxygen to prioritize pickups. There are reports that UNICEF donated 500 oxygen cylinders but only 100 are being accounted for. Food items such as eggs, milk rice are reported to have disappeared without trace, those who eat them must be made to vomit them” he said.

On behalf of the party, Ssemujju said money for vulnerable people distributed by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja did not reach all the intended beneficiaries. He demanded that a full list of beneficiaries must be immediately published.

Meanwhile, FDC says it supports a transparent stimulus package for businesses that have been affected by the lockdown and are in dire need of capital to re-start. 

Ssemujju says that instead of issuing free money through emyoga, businesses that have been affected by the lockdown in particular and Covid generally must be registered and published. 

He advised that the village, sub-county, municipal, district, city Covid taskforces on which religious leaders serve, can then be used to verify these businesses before they are issued with interest free revolving loans.