Trouble in Agago as Residents, RDC, demand transfer of DPC & OC CID

Posted: 2021-07-28T09:27:08Z
Trouble in Agago as Residents, RDC, demand transfer of DPC & OC CID

Drama is brewing in Agago district, after residents of Patongo Town Council demanded the immediate transfer of the acting District Police Commander and the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation over alleged corruption and torture of suspects.

The angry residents accuse Yunus Sebirumbi who is also the Officer in charge of Patongo Police station and his OC CID Frederick Namusegole of abetting numerous cases of corruption and theft of motorcycles.

Hundreds of aggrieved residents majority of whom are Boda Boda operators staged protests within Patongo Town Council and at Patongo Police station on Tuesday morning, demanding the release of one of their colleagues whom they allege was arrested by police and detained for five days without being produced in court. 

However, police responded by firing live bullets to disperse the angry crowds who had set motor vehicle tires ablaze, blocked a section of roads, and pelted stones at Patongo Police station. During the protests, a young man was shot in the arm by a stray bullet. 

Trouble emanates from last month when police arrested Patrick Okema, a Boda Boda rider in Patongo Town council and impounded his motorcycle Registration UAF 707S during curfew time. 

He was then tasked to Pay an Express Penalty of Shillings 40,000 in the bank and another shilling 700,000 to the police for the purported release of his motorcycle.

However, five days ago, the suspect was again re-arrested by the police and reportedly assaulted by the Crimes Intelligence Officer and detained in cells over unknown crimes he committed.

According to Deogratious Obwor a resident of Patongo Town Council, the accused police officers have been targeting Boda Boda riders whom they impound their motorcycles and sell-off.

Matters became worse when the Agago Resident District Commissioner Andrew Onyuk joined the locals in demanding the transfer of the accused officers saying there is enough evidence to pin the officers on corruption, theft, and extortion.

However, Aswa River Region Police Commander Nachuha Damalie says the Police Professional Standards Unit will commence an investigation into the complaints raised by the locals against the police officers.