Kazo woman found dead in a dam, son claims it was suicide

Posted: 2021-06-18T09:58:51Z
Kazo woman found dead in a dam, son claims it was suicide

The police in Kazo have commenced investigations into circumstances under which a woman is suspected of committing suicide by drowning in a dam.

the deceased is Kemanzi Annet, 53, a resident of Bushara village, Nshunga parish in Nkungu Sub-County.

Her body was found in a dam on Thursday afternoon after her son John Turyasingura,19, survived and told people their bizarre story.

According to Turyasingura, after having supper on Wednesday night his mother convinced him to commit suicide by drowning in the dam before the ailment he was suffering from took his life and leave her behind suffering.

The duo allegedly went together to the dam and agreed to fall in but he feared and jumped out of the dam and went back home.

Bushara village Chairperson LC 1 Robert Kateeba says that the deceased used to pick milk from him every morning but never showed up which forced him to take the milk himself only to find the son Turyasingura very wet and muddy.

It was after asking him, that Turyasingura narrated how the mother was in a dam dead.

Kateeba says the deceased might have been frustrated by the sickness of the son who was found suffering from typhoid.

Frank Arinaitwe the Kazo district Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations Department says they have arrested Turyasingura to help police understand what led to the suicide.

He argues that police want to understand if it was suicide or Kemanzi was killed and dumped in the dam.

The deceased’s body was conveyed taken to Kazo Health Centre IV for postmortem.