Church Sued over noise Pollution

Posted: 2021-02-26T10:30:26Z Read: 978 times
Church Sued over noise Pollution

The owner of ‘My People World Mission Outreach Church’ a one Grace Kabuye is in trouble after three residents of Nakiwogo village in Entebbe Municipality sued him and the establishment over noise pollution.

Richard Watum Wod-Ongom, Male Mukasa and Stephen Balinandi, all retired civil servants and businessmen claim that they have been living peacefully on their land until January 2020 when Kabuye rented land in their neighborhood and constructed a Church. 

According to the residents, the Church operates every weekend, and often during the week, both in the daytime, in the evening and sometimes overnight. When they are operating, the church emits excessive noise through a public address system, which violates their right to a clean and healthy environment guaranteed in the constitution.

In their suit, the petitioners say that they have suffered both economical and psychological torture because the church interfered with the serenity of their homes forcing their tenants to vacate the rentals, yet even their family members who still stay at home are suffering from the unbearable noise levels. 

The documents before the Court show that the Church iron sheet structure was erected under the cover of darkness, mainly to evade the Municipal Authorities who had not cleared the works on the site. It is further alleged by the applicants that at the time of construction, Sand that was excavated from the site was dumped near Wantum's perimeter wall which grossly affected the drainage system of the area to the detriment of the entire community.

Through their lawyers of Lwere, Lwanyaga and Company Advocates, the residents now want the court to declare that actions of the respondents to establish a church that emits unnecessary noise and vibration to the inconvenience if the surrounding and neighbourhood violates their right clean and healthy environment, and right to trade.