Kyagulanyi withdraws election petition from Supreme Court, takes it to Public Court

Posted: 2021-02-22T13:02:02Z
Kyagulanyi withdraws election petition from Supreme Court, takes it to Public Court

Former Presidential candidate on the National Unity Platform, NUP party ticket Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has withdrawn an election petition he had filed in the Supreme Court seeking to annul the January 14th 2021 presidential election, won by the NRM candidate and incumbent H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

While addressing the press and some party leaders at NUP party offices in Kamwokya on Monday morning, Kyagulanyi said they made the decision after the Supreme Court rejected their amendment with bias last week. 

Kyagulanyi’s lawyers had sought to add an extra 200 affidavits to support their case, but Court denied the petition to amend. Kyagulanyi says they made every effort to collect evidence despite challenges, including their supporters and witnesses being arrested, but this was also blocked.

“Amidst the challenges, we were still able to put together evidence well knowing that in the past presidential election petitions (2001 & 2006 Dr. Besigye against Museveni), evidence was continuously admitted. But guess what, when we took our evidence to the Supreme Court even before the hearing, the Supreme Court in an unprecedented manner rejected our evidence” Kyagulanyi told the gathering.

He added that they are convinced that the Court has a pre-determined mind to rule against his petition because the party did not adduce enough evidence, yet the panel rejected it. Some of the rejected evidence included affidavits from the party Secretary General Lubongoya Lewis and a party supporter called Kalungi Sserumaga.

“For that matter ladies and gentlemen, for the reasons we have given above we have decided to withdraw from their Court. It is clear that Mr. Alphonse Owiny Dollo and the members of his court are not interested in giving Ugandans justice, no they are not” Kyagulanyi said.

He quoted Museveni’s writing after the 1980 elections which he lost to then President Milton Obote, where the former said that a Judiciary was only a manipulated tool for dictators to carry out their despotic will.