IGP Ochola warns Violence mongers, advises disgruntled election losers to seek redress in Courts of law

Posted: 2021-01-27T12:41:24Z
IGP Ochola warns Violence mongers, advises disgruntled election losers to seek redress in Courts of law

The Inspector General of Police, IGP J.M. Okoth- Ochola has applauded all Ugandans for effectively and peacefully exercising their democratic rights to vote leaders in the recently concluded elections.

While addressing journalists in Kampala on Wednesday in the Post-Election Security Joint press briefing, the IGP said the 2021 General Elections in Uganda, will go down in history as one of the most successful and peaceful Election. 

“Despite the anticipated threats of “Plan B “, threats of violence by radicalized groups promoting hate speech and rhetoric, Ugandan voters were pleased with our security posture across the country and turned out in record numbers to cast their votes” he noted.

The IGP added that during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, a total of 250 election-related offenses were registered in the country. And out of the 28 Policing Regions, 05 did not register any major incident. These include Kidepo, Mt. Moroto, Sipi, Ssezibwa, and West Nile. 

“We are happy that the Local Council elections have been successful too as we approach the final stages of the Elections.”

He told the Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo that although their risk assessment of the post-election violence and related vulnerabilities have reduced, the Force is aware of alarming assertions by disgruntled former Presidential candidates, that the election was marred with fraud and irregularities. 

“They are spreading false information and disinformation to try to influence public perception and promote hatred. From a security point of view, such unfounded claims have a potential of fanning violence in our communities. We do strongly discourage such acts and advise the candidates to seek redress before the courts of law” the IGP warned.

Ochola noted that as the country draws towards the end of the Electoral process, their enforcement actions are still on and that they continue to employ effective measures on levels of vigilance and alertness as we monitor all forms of threats.

“Hon. Minister, we are very firm on the ground and would like to reassure all Ugandans and visitors to our country to remain confident and steadfast.  They should also obtain information on the Electoral process from trusted sources and report any suspicious activities to the nearest police unit.”